Frequently Asked Questions

Is face paint safe for skin?

Yes. All paints are professional, non-toxic and FDA compliant, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and are designed for use on the skin. We are using only cosmetic paints and glitters that are specifically made for skin, lips and eyelids use. We mostly use biodegradable glitters.

How do I remove face paints?

For most face painting parties we use water based paints. These paints are easily removed with soapy water. Occasionally some parts will require a second wash. Stubborn stains can be removed with baby oil.

How long does it take to paint one face?

• At a regular face painting party painting can take around 3-7 minutes, depending on the design. You can imagine that rainbow flying unicorn with flowers may take a bit longer that just a rainbow. If it is a small party I can paint more detailed designs which can take up to 10 minutes. If we have time I can paint additional painting on arms.
• For huge festivals and events we can make 1-2 minutes quick faces with choice board displayed for customers.
• Regular Halloween appointment normally takes around 30 minutes.

How far do you travel? Do you book face painting parties outside North Port, FL?

I will travel to the moon and back, if you pay for travel and stay! I live in North Port, Fl

Can you do custom designs?

Yes. Nearly all my designs are custom anyway. I bring a folder with ideas, but often paint from the picture on your phone, combining styles and colours.

Do I need to provide you with anything on the day of the event?

I come with everything I need: table, chair, paints, etc. so there is no extra set up or clean for you! The only thing to consider is a good lighting.

Will you paint outdoors?

Although I prefer to work inside when possible, I can paint outside. The only things I request are:
• Sturdy shelter on level ground. The best option is when a marquee provided with sides to protect from rain, sun, wind. I do not like to paint under a gazebo unless it is strong and properly anchored and has sides provided.
• Good lighting.
• It is nice to be allowed to park close to where I will be painting as I have much to carry.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance and insured?

YES! I am Disclosure checked and insured. Proof of both can be obtained with notice. Additionally, professional artists like me are likely take efforts to use best practices in sanitation, use FDA compliant materials and are educated on what to do if an allergic reaction occurs.

Can you provide other painters?

I can provide teams of artists for any event. I have teamed up with face painters and artists whom I checked and trust.

At what kind of events do you paint?

Private and public events like birthdays, festivals, business promotion events, hen parties, fancy dress parties, themed parties, fairs, christmas parties, balls, weddings, charity events, corporate events, adult night club, baby shower/belly art for mums to be and paintings for photo shoots - I have done them all! I also run any theme and level face painting workshops for professionals and for fun.

I can handle your event!

Can I sleep with face paint on?

Face paint is like any other cosmetic, so it is not recommended to sleep with the face paint on. I have had so many children not willing to wash the face painting off and they did this without an issue. However, if you want to play it safe...wash it off before bedtime.

Will you paint at school fairs?

I very rarely attend events when I am paid per face, however I there is another way to do it. I am often paid in advance for my time and then collecting money from people which goes back to you. I can do it myself, or can have a helper from your school so the queue is going faster.

Alo, I can attend your school before the fair to run a workshop for your volunteer parents to give them confidence to paint themselves.

How do you keep your supplies sanitized?

Facepaint is designed to be used by multiple people. It contains special antibacterial ingredients to make it safe for this industry. I clean all my supplies after each event...paints are wiped down, brushes and sponges washed, etc. I also use "brush bath" wich sanitizes my water during the event. Fresh sponges are used per each face.

How do I book you?

You can either ring me on 941-661-9536 or via the Contact form. I simply require written confirmation and a deposit to secure the date.

How do I pay you?

Cashapp, Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. Please pay on the arrival. We are happy to send you an invoice for convenience.

How much time should I book?

Party starts at minimum of 2 hours which in most cases is enough. However, if there are more than 20 guests you might want to consider booking me for a bit longer. Please book enough time so that we don't have to disappoint your guests. Overtime is by the half hour.

Why should we choose you?

I am a professional Face painter, an artist and Entertainer. I have been doing this forever and that's why I can offer both speed and quality. There is no point of hiring an amateur at a cheaper hourly rate that takes longer. Besides, you surely want to have amazing photos and happy children!

Do I have to pay for your setup and teardown time?

No, I arrive early enough to be ready to start right when your booking begins. Please feel free to forget about me when I finished painting. I can will start to pack up after given time and will let myself out while you are cutting the cake or chat with your guests.

You couldn't start painting at the contracted time because my guests arrived really late. Can I just pay for the time you were painting?

Sorry that happened. I turn down events if someone calls and asks about the time slot during which you hired me. Often I book events back to back and have to go by what we've agreed, unless you can pay overtime, which is charged at half hour increments. Hopefully I don't have an event after yours and can stay to paint later in overtime.

My friend paints faces. Can she help out using your paint?

Sorry but my insurance doesn't allow this kind of arrangement. You could always book and extra half hour of painting if it is really busy. You might also consider having one of your guests be a line manager for large events. I also provide my own trusted and experienced line manager for additional cost.

How far in advance do we have to book?

Halloween and Christmas season are booked sometimes a year in advance. It is better to contact me the minute you have your date and time nailed down. Client that completes the agreement first gets the booking. I take deposits for parties 12 months in advance which is great if you want to spread the cost of your party too!

Can we just get something small painted on the cheek so it's cheaper/faster?

Depends on the "something small". Painting a small princess on someone's cheek takes double the time that a full face rainbow takes. Most of the paintings you see on my gallery page are done in 5 minutes. This is why experience matters - you get fantastic quality, artistry and speed at an affordable price. Besides, bookings start from 2 hours minimum (Halloween is exception) and most of the time I manage to paint all guests. If it is a very busy event, I can provide my own trusted and experienced line manager for additional cost. It will speed up the queue a lot. For huge festivals and events I can paint display boards with 1-2 minute face painting designs to choose from.

How much does a face painting party cost?

Rates are based on duration, event requirements and location. There is 2 hours minimum booking (Halloween is exception).

Can you paint my baby's face?

For your child's safety, we'd prefer not to paint the faces of kids under three years of age. Paintbrush's shape is not ideal to have near the eyes of a little one. I am happy to paint a design on a little arm for kids under three, as long as they are willing to sit. From my experience, they enjoy it much more as they can see the painting all the time!

It's time for you to leave, but a bunch of extra kids showed up. Can you paint them and stay longer?

Normally, when I see that the time is close to the end and there are more children to be painted, I do simpler designs to speed up. Yet, sometimes this situation can happen despite your best efforts. Check with me if I am able to can stay longer, which I might, depending on my schedule. Overtime is charged in 30 minute increments.

My event is huge. How can I get the most faces painted for my money?

A line manager could really help things along. It is amazing how much time it takes for children to choose a design. Having a person to discuss designs with the child before they get in the chair will reduce the time greatly. Additionally, can you imagine waiting in line with your child only to be told they can't be painted because I have to leave? The other advantage to a line manager is ending the line. Guests cannot get in line at our end time. I do my best to prevent people from getting in line if there won't be time to paint them, but a line manager can be dedicated to that job while I am painting. I can provide my own trusted and experienced line manager for additional cost or you can provide one.

Additionally, for bigger events I can paint display boards with 1-2 minute face painting designs to choose from.

Do you ever refuse to paint somebody?

Yes – at the artists discretion, I may refuse:
• Any person that appears to be suffering from any kind of skin disorder or viral illness.
• Any design that we consider offensive.
• Any children not willing to be painted.
• Any person for any other unforeseen reason.

I have sensitive skin, will the paint irritate?

The face paint I use does have hypoallergenic properties but should you have any concerns as to how your skin may react, I am happy to perform a patch test prior to you being painted.